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If you’re looking to equip your organization with validated patterns and principles to achieve goals less painfully, you’ve come to the right place.

Product Narrative (or PN as we call it) focuses on balancing goals and pain in organizations. We do this by ‘applying the best of what other people have already figured out.’ After all, it’s much easier to benefit from lessons other people and companies have gone through.

We collect, apply, and reflect. Only then do we share what we learned.

Thus, what you’ll find here are knowledge and insights that we have validated first-hand. You won’t find click-baits or generic how-tos that don’t help your understanding.

On the topic about OKR, for example, you won’t find a false claim promising a 10x increase in revenue if you implement OKR. No unfair suggestion that OKR must fit your company simply because it works in Google. However, we’ll dissect OKR to its underlying patterns and principles — most importantly, patterns and principles we have validated in our work — to guide you whether it fits what your organization needs.

What you’ll learn here are applicable and tested patterns and principles.

Let’s take a look around.

Where to Start …

OK, let's dig in.

What We Do

Our articles explore topics about balancing goals and pain at work. Our email series offers useful learning summaries based on our real experiences. Our podcast offers a nuanced introduction to OKR. And we share books and references we read to improve our crafts.

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We write about topics related to goals and pain at work, like setting goals and forming the habit to review them with OKR, communicating in narratives, and mental health in organizations.

You’ll also find insights about organizations are linguistic phenomena and facilitation as a tool to navigate changes and chaos. This complementary body of work is crucial to navigating any working environment.

Ready to explore? Here are some popular articles:

Email series

We send out our short email series to share learnings experienced both by us or our clients. We also share a selection of thought-provoking material, including links to articles and podcasts, book recommendations, and more.

Equip your work life with insights and experience from people who managed to navigate pain and chaos while leading their organizations to reach goals.

Right now, we have 2 ongoing email email series, each delves into 1 specific topic:

  1. Should I adopt OKR? (10 emails, in English)
  2. Mental health in organizations (10 emails, in English)

“Bernarasi dengan OKR” Podcast

“Bernarasi dengan OKR” is a show in Bahasa Indonesia, as a collaboration with Inspigo.

Host Mulyadi Oey explores the ins and outs of OKR. It is specially tailored for listeners who are new to OKR or deciding to adopt OKR in their companies. It is scripted to feel like learning OKR from a personal mentor.

The first season is complete and delivered in 7 episodes.

Learning Community

Product Narrative encourages anyone genuinely interested in reducing pain at work to have conversations with each other. One way we contribute to this cause is to help organizations be really clear about their goals and equip professionals with resources to manage pain on achieving the goals. However, this is only one approach amongst many.

Hence, if you are in the same domain or interested to learn more about what we do or just curious, please feel welcome to say Hi.

Who We Are and Where to Find Us

Founded and led by Mulyadi Oey, Product Narrative is run by a small but exceptional team. We simply love to learn and teach. You can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Why Product Narrative?

There are 3 perspectives to answer that question, but one we'd like to highlight is about learning. Picking up new skills (e.g. OKR) and forming a habit requires you to learn.

When it comes to learning, however, how you learn is as important as what you learn.

In this day and age, you can't rely only on 2-hour workshops or presentations. Everybody is busy. The 2018 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report showed that the no.1 reason employees feel held back from learning is because they don’t have the time.

This is where our PN Academy comes into play. Our learning academy consists of courses related to specific subject (e.g. how to write individual OKR), and one course is made up of videos, texts, illustrations, and quizzes. The goal is to explain a specific concept thoroughly, but delivered in smaller, easier-to-digest chunks.

As a result, our academy provides just-in-time learning opportunities for teams and individuals. Now, they can learn whenever they need or whenever time permits.

This is a new type of learning: learning in the flow of work.

Read more here.