About Product Narrative

We are an employer communication firm that helps organizations engage with their employees through Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and clear company narratives.

Question no.1: “How can you be useful for my organization?”

  • If you'd like to build an organization that is aligned and transparent, let’s partner with us to strategize your OKR adoption
  • If you want to build a story to connect your product with users/customers, we're pretty good in writing product narratives
  • Several Human Resource (HR), or Human Capital, leaders partnered with us to write company narratives. We believe being an influential storyteller is one of crucial roles of HR.

Question no.2: “What did your clients say about working with you?”

We are happy and proud to have partnered with the following organizations:

  • Gojek, specifically its financial services
  • Bank Jago
  • Asana (we're part of Asana global OKR partners)
  • Midtrans, a family of Gojek
  • Vidio, a family of Emtek
  • Principia Learning Lab
  • RISE (Regional Corporate Innovation Powerhouse)
  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

And, here is a summary of what our clients say about us.

Question no.3: “Who are behind this Product Narrative brand?”

We are a small and agile group of ...

  • Product people. In our past lives, we're part of product teams across different regions: Silicon Valley, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam.
  • Writers. We love to share what we learned in writing. Check out our Medium publication.
  • And, one team member is an ICF certified professional coach.

Question no.4: “Where can I learn more about Product Narrative?”