System Work in April, completed 💪

We recently concluded our second public session of System Work on April 26-28. In case you missed it, our 1st public run in February is documented here.

This time, the diversity of participants added a unique dynamic to the overall experience:

  • 80% came from the same company
  • One individual discovered System Work through social media
  • Another participant represented a special needs organization

I am delighted to report that the three-day course was a resounding success.

As the session drew to a close, we asked participants to reflect on their experience and consider how they would describe the course to potential invitees—be it friends, family, or loved ones.

Here are some of their answers, in their own words:

“We are used to seeing the world through our lens and perspective. That might have provided us with a narrow viewpoint. Thus, to live a more impactful life for ourselves and those around us, we need to expand our capacity and capability to make sense of what is happening within and around us.”
“You learn about how we operate as complex humans and interact with some other complex humans. The course won’t tell you what to do or how to do things, but it will equip you with knowledge about yourself, so you can digest and decide for yourself what or how to do things after.”

Humans are not born with a manual book…This is a course about learning to know more about yourself, how you interact with others, as an individual, a small group, and as a society. This course provides a safe space to explore and look around—it may help you find your missing piece.
Coming out of this course, I gained a lot of awareness of what's going on internally, and understand why certain relationships with others didn’t go as expected.

Every words I said matters,
Every movement I do matters,
Every feeling I have matters.

Thus, I learn to control/have a pause to be mindful of what I say, how I interact, and understand what I feel.
Ini adalah pelatihan menemukan dan belajar memahami diri sendiri, dan untuk memahami orang lain di sekeliling kita. Kadang kala orang bersikap tidak seperti yang kita harapkan, tetapi saat kita memahami kenapa, kita akan bisa menerima atau menghadapi keunikan mereka.


I’m glad that participants got a lot of useful learning from this class. We're thankful for their participation throughout the 3-day course.

On another note, we're also grateful knowing that some participants were willing to spread the word about the benefits they experienced in this class—-some even invited their friends, family members, and spouses to come. As a result, 30% of the seats available for the next class in August—which is the last class this year—have been filled since last week.

Our hearts are full of gratitude.

Thank you for reading.


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