Insights from a Japanese OKR workshop

What does OKR look like in a Japanese context?

Tips to run successful OKR cadence

Struggling with OKR implementation? Learn how the Sponsor's involvement and effective knowledge sharing can make your first cadence a success.

Making progress with OKR

How might you apply your reflection to do better in the future?

How OKR facilitates reflection at work

Why hitting the pause button at work is necessary

5 questions to overcome resistance in OKR adoption

In any of our clients’ engagements, we often encountered resistance when introducing OKR.

I don't need OKR because my company is already profitable

My company has been making money every year. It’s profitable. Why would I need to implement OKR?

The first step is always the hardest

The thought of doing something different for the first time might seem daunting. How can you encourage yourself to take the first step?

How long or how many: which one can help you build a new habit?

Adopting the OKR practice means we're building a new habit. But, how does habit formation actually work?

Do your teams align with each other?

Two simple questions to find out whether your teams are aligning their work with each other.

What does "bi-weekly individual cadence" mean?

Three distinct elements: bi-weekly, individual, and cadence. Let's examine what it means separately and combined.

Writing an individual Objective

How to write an Objective that’s inspiring for you (or your team)? One alternative is by following these dos and don’ts.

KR examples: before vs. after coaching

Take a look at some examples of Key Results: before and after the coaching process. Do you see the difference?

OKR as a way of working

When more people in the company adopt OKR, you'll notice a new way of working emerges.

How (long) to know whether OKR is the right choice for my company or team?

How do you know whether the OKR practice is a good fit for you or your team?

What would happen if I didn't achieve my Key Result?

How would an unachieved KR affect your planning for the next period?

Would it be okay to create a private OKR?

How to embrace the transparency that OKR instills while still ensuring confidentiality in the company?

What to do if my KR is not aligned with any team KR?

What are the alternatives when the alignment between an individual and team KR cannot be made?

Working on a shared responsibility or Key Result

How to manage work or responsibility that requires effort and collaboration from multiple individuals?