System Work

Feedback and speech act

How do we come up with feedback that's specific and actionable? One alternative is by examining the role of speech act in feedback.

What kind of feedback do we need?

Feedback is important in our pursuit to make progress and improvement. But, what kind of feedback that we need?

Jeda, kata, dan Anda

Sudahkah Anda mengambil jeda hari ini?

Why the hat matters: answering questions with another question

Our role as a coach, not a consultant, often encouraged us to ask questions, even when answering our clients' own questions.

The host and guardian in a meeting

One alternative to better facilitate a meeting is by having a clear distinction on the roles that the facilitator can assume.

Listening should be active, not passive

What does active listening mean and what is the practical implementation of it?

Empathic Listening: The Make or Break in Building Trust

What role does empathetic listening play in conversation? And, how does it relate to trust?