Skill, intentionality, and care

On May 11-13 2023, we had the 1st public run for our System Work course. This is a milestone worth celebrating for my team and me as we had been working tirelessly to make this happen for quite some time now.

In our attempt to bring this type of work to the public, we found it difficult to describe (and advertise) the course. It could be our own limitation — our inability to summarize the important points from the course while making it clear, crisp, and concise — or it could be the sheer complexity of what the course is all about, as it delves deeper into a human system with special attention to the intrapersonal aspect. Or, it could be both.

That being said, we were delighted to see a good turnout for our first public run. There were people flying in from Bali and Balikpapan — it was a pleasant surprise knowing they still allocated time and effort to attend the session, even though when asked, they couldn’t quite articulate their reasoning to do so in the first place. (One said: “My manager heard about it and told me to come!”)

Whatever their reasons were, at the end of the last day, we were glad to find out all participants thoroughly enjoyed and made the most out of the 23+ hours they spent with us over the course of 3 days. In fact, 62% mentioned they will definitely recommend this course to others.

It gave us an opportunity to ask: how would you describe the course to others? What would they say if they are sharing this with someone they care about?

Below are some of their answers:

"The course is akin to a journey to self-discovery. The facilitators slowed down the conversation to lay out all the core elements related to conversations, relationships, and system.This new perspective allows me to understand myself better as well as identify areas for improvement."

"The course is highly experiential, and, as a result, it sharpens my self-awareness about body, emotion, and language — I now have handles to recognize and practice these elements in my daily life. Skills — not chance — allows me to better understand and navigate the complexities in the human system."

"The course is structured with intentionality and care. A lot of learning occurs, but I don’t feel overwhelmed. The facilitator turns my focus inward and helps me to examine my actions, language, beliefs, narratives, etc. I gain new perspectives and can see new options for building better relationships with others and myself."

In addition, some of the participants were willing to give recorded testimonials — hoping that it'd help potential participants decide if they want to take the class and, perhaps, get something out of it like they did.

  1. "We are agents of awareness, not agents of change"
  2. "Our favorite sessions from System Work"
  3. "I wish many more people know about this"

Thank you for reading.

Update: In August, we had another public run for System Work. You can read about it here.


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