Collaboration, gratitude, and shared learning — our 1st ever System Work community gathering

On Wednesday, November 22, we had our first offline session for all System Work graduates, and suffice it to say, it was a special occasion for my team and I.

It was the first time we had an invitation-based session that was attended by 10 participants — with 7 individuals representing System Work graduates from a private run and the other 3 joining from our public run. The diversity was figural and it brought together a mixture of perspectives that enriched the discussion and learning experience.

Collectively, the group also showed big appetite for learning even after a hectic day at work. The session started around 6:30pm and it only ended around 9pm.

Participants commenced by articulating their learning aspirations, setting the stage for an evening of genuine exploration and knowledge-sharing. The focal point of our discussions revolved around the nuanced interplay between personality and character, wherein we touched upon the role of pain, our defense mechanism against pain, archetype, as well as the shadow work behind each archetype.

This discourse led to a concrete example of how personality vs. character plays out in real life, using family as an example. The group listened to profound reflection shared by 2 participants: one sharing his point of view as a parent, the other as a daughter. For me, it was one of the highlights from the session as I witnessed the unfolding of something that was moving and delicate, beautiful yet poignant at the same time. And, judging by the participants' faces who observed the whole exchange, I think the topic resonated with almost everyone.

I’d like to conclude this short update by acknowledging that this session simply wouldn’t have happened without the many helping hands that were willing to support my team and me. I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Blibli, whose generosity played a pivotal role in making this gathering possible. Specifically, I’d like to thank the Operations and General Services Team who accommodated our requests and needs until the session was wrapped.

My team and I are also grateful to Sisca, a representative from Blibli, whose dedication and efforts in arranging and coordinating the logistics ensured a seamless and welcoming experience for all participants. Thank you for volunteering to help us.

Last but not least, we are also thankful to all participants who attended this community gathering. Their presence, questions, and personal reflections helped to create an atmosphere of a cordial and fulfilling session. One participant mentioned that he hoped this would be the start of many more community sessions — a support group of some sort that is designed to offer encouragement and comfort for those who are learning and practicing System Work. My fingers are crossed.

As I reflect on this humble yet impactful gathering, I’m personally reminded that the most profound transformations often occur in the spaces where collaboration, gratitude, and shared learning intersect.

Thank you for reading.

(PS: all participants have granted us permission to use the above photos for this writing piece. We thank them for their generosity.)


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