System Work

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The System Work course came about as part of our search to understand and work through group resistance to achieving goals in companies. Many insights are drawn from ontological coaching and organization development studies.

Our bold hypothesis is this program can positively complement your personal discovery and/or leadership journey.

System Work in general

This course is about the foundation for building competency in Systems Theory and Organizational Design. Increasing complexity in today’s world demands that leaders and managers within any given system need to build strong competencies in diagnosing as well as intervening in human systems. Learning in this course will focus on developing intrapersonal awareness for participants and understanding how this has impacts on team dynamics as well as the health of the systems that they are a part of.

This course builds an experiential understanding of how narratives, emotions, and physical presence impact conversation outcomes, and basic skills on how to manage difficult conversations and how to create trust in the systems we are in.

What is this course about?

We asked those who attended the course to share how they’d describe it to others.

Here are the answers, in their own words.

“An organization and personal development course that uses experiential learning to understand body, emotion, and language and how they intersect one another.”
“This course gives you tools and guidance i) to see things from a different perspective and ii) to navigate through society. You’ll be able to see things through different lenses and understand a deeper meaning behind human behavior and tendencies. Eye-opening experience! And, therapeutic especially if you allow yourselves to be seen and vulnerable.”
“Imagine yourself having a superpower to see the invisible. That’s what I felt after joining this course. In this course, we were taught about body, emotion, and language – which might seem invisible – but once we are more aware, we’d able to diagnose and start our intra, inter, group, and system work. We often don’t know how to improve a situation because we aren’t even aware of what’s going on, internally within ourselves, or externally. Yes, you’ll find a lot of personal work after completing this course, including healing. It will definitely be beneficial in the long term especially if you are leading a team – because work must start from within.”

What will I learn?

  1. Develop greater self-awareness of how the way you “see” impacts your work and life conversations
  2. Discover how narratives and emotions impact conversation outcomes
  3. Learn strategic frameworks that expand your options in different conversations
  4. Understand somatic range in leadership effectiveness
  5. Deepen your self-awareness by gaining insights into your behavioral patterns
  6. Gain greater confidence in your capacity to create psychological safety in conversations


  1. A scalable model to understand (human) systems
  2. Language and Speech Acts
  3. Awareness of self and systems
  4. Emotional literacy
  5. Somatic literacy
  6. Learning and boundary management
  7. Trust and influence

More information

For more information related to System Work please visit — a dedicated platform housing articles and information related to System Work. Moving forward, we’ll use this website to communicate our course schedules, testimonials, and other news.