Product Narrative Newsletters

We send out our short email series to share learnings experienced both by us or our clients. We also share a selection of thought-provoking material, including links to articles and podcasts, book recommendations, and more.

Equip your work life with insights and experience from people who managed to navigate pain and chaos while leading their organizations to reach goals.

Right now, we have 3 ongoing email email series, each delves into 1 specific topic:

  1. Should I adopt OKR? (10 emails, in English)
  2. Mental health in organizations (10 emails, in English)
  3. Pause for thought: self-work to thrive in organizations (10 emails, in Bahasa Indonesia)

What readers are saying:

"Thank you for being generous to share your experience and tips to bridge Product Management and Human Capital/Resources. This is an important overlap that is rarely talked about."
"I really enjoy your emails. They are clearly written."
"I initially expected this was a typical newsletter. I was surprised when your email explains what to look for in choosing a reliable OKR coach, and didn't try to sell your own service. You simply share to make us understand. Thank you!"