Talk the talk

Happy to share that we were invited to talk about OKR in Glints Talk 3 on Thursday, March 28, 2019!

This event was in collaboration with Glints. Glints is an online talent recruitment and career discovery platform. It is a platform for young talent to build up their career readiness through internship and graduate jobs; developing skill sets required in different careers.

This event was attended by more than 70 people and also broadcasted real-time through Instagram live! We were amazed to see some of the attendants were people from out of Jakarta. It was either due to the fact that Glints’ Marketing Team did a great job advertising the event or the public was attracted to the topic.

In 30 minutes, we covered the basics of OKR, how to set a good Objective and Key Results, step-by-step to create OKR cadence, and the common mistakes when setting the OKR.

We explained real-life examples of OKR implementation, mostly from a few past client engagements. They are meant to make the concept clearer, and also to guide the audience not to repeat the same mistakes we did. Being OKR coaches and trainers simply implies we had seen many errors and collected learning points in implementing OKR.

The number of people jotting notes and taking pictures of the slides suggested we had a good level of engagement. The Q&A session after the presentation was also filled with good enthusiasm. The list of questions can be found here.

We think the audience were genuinely curious about OKR, specifically on how to adopt OKR into their team or company and, more importantly, how they should start.

A shout out to Glints for coordinating the event and for having us there! It was great meeting another OKR enthusiasts as well, especially meeting Nanda Gusti Rachmat, another speaker at the event who works as the HR Performance Management Leader at Bhinneka. He shared great insights about OKR practice at Bhinneka.

We believe that OKR practice is starting to get momentum in Indonesia. Several tech companies (GOJEK, Glints, Bhinneka, etc) are using it as part of their execution discipline and have reaped its benefits in achieving their ambitious goals. A properly implemented OKR should help you, your team, and your company to set an audacious goal and then work together to achieve it. In addition, OKR should keep you on time and on track when it matters the most. We wholeheartedly believe that.


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