• 🪴 Wrapped up the 4-month OKR adoption program for one of the fastest-growing tech-based logistics startups in Indonesia.
  • 📺 "Understanding Pain and Suffering through the Lens of Resilience and Compassion" is live on YouTube (part 1 and part 2) and Spotify (part 1 and part 2). This podcast is part of the Leadership Podcast series by Principia Learning Lab.
  • What will you get if you invite and include all relevant leaders in your organization to co-create a Product Strategy? Engagement. Ownership. Well-rounded perspectives. (In contrast, you can come up with a Product Strategy yourself as the most senior Product person.) We launched the first version of our game 🎲 to facilitate this co-creation process.From the participants:
"I will adopt [the game] for my team as well to have similar set of play. It is great for team building.""It's not only about winning or losing. It's about those playful interactions between the participants [which rarely happened if not facilitated]."
  • September blog post: Why the hat matters
  • 🎤 We're invited to speak at Mandiri Learning Carnival. In this opportunity, we brought in a topic that is close to our heart: "Building organization habits through narratives and OKR."


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