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Product Narrative collaborated with Inspigo to launch our first podcast, Bernarasi dengan OKR.

We dive into the theories behind OKR and combine them with practical tips. Bernarasi dengan OKR weaves a narrative journey about what OKR is, how to implement it, and the impact it brings to companies and teams, as told from our experience running and coaching OKR in some of the best companies in Indonesia.

Each episode runs for 15-20 minutes, so you can listen to it anytime and anywhere.

Note: every episode is delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.

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Episode 1: Bertemu kembali dengan OKR

Episode 2: OKR fundamental: mengenal elemen-elemen OKR

Episode 3: Mengupas mitos dan fakta terkait OKR

Episode 4: Elemen pendukung dalam menjalankan OKR

Episode 5: OKR adalah sebuah perjalanan

Bonus episode 1: Mitos dan fakta terkait OKR (lanjutan)

Bonus episode 2: Elemen pendukung dalam menjalankan OKR (lanjutan)