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In collaboration with Inspigo, our first podcast—Bernarasi dengan OKR—is finally here! We'll delve into all things OKR: from the fundamentals, supporting elements, to the impact it brings. Click here to listen, and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on the next episodes.

Our founder and CEO—Mulyadi Oey—is featured in The OKRs Field Book by Ben Lamorte:

Mulyadi Oey, an OKRs Coach Network founding member based in Indonesia, finds that many individuals benefit by defining super-short OKRs cycles of a week or two. This short-cycle time for individuals reflects the best practice of shorter cycle times at lower levels.


Asana: Q&A with OKR experts

Clear direction and accountability are two essential elements in OKRs. In a company, the C-suite typically holds the most power to influence and drive them. Their position is one of the best levers to drive OKR adoption. When they send a clear signal of where the company is or should be going, there is a higher chance that the middle part of the organization would echo that too. When the C-suite exercises accountability at their own level (e.g. frequently reviewing the top-line OKR status and responding strategically), the rest of the organization will have the tendency to follow. When the leaders are willing to lead by example, adoption is 5x more likely to be successful.

A 2-day speaking engagement in Corporate Innovation Summit 2020, titled "Implementation Notes of OKR Adoption in Various Organizations"

Asana: Product Narrative as an official partner

We have vetted and prepared the top OKR experts around the world to support you on your OKR journey. With their fundamental knowledge of Asana and OKR expertise, our partners are ready to guide you on your goal setting journey in Asana. Our OKR partners provide services regardless of country or time zone.

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