Writing a Key Result as a noun
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Writing a Key Result as a noun

A KR should always represent an outcome, not a task or activity. An outcome is almost always written as a noun, not a verb.
Writing a Key Result as a noun

A Key Result should represent an outcome, not an activity.

In terms of wording, we recommend to compose a KR as a noun, not verb. A verb describes an activity.


  • "The requirement document is approved by Management" is an outcome. The approved requirement document is a noun.
  • "Get approval from Management for the requirement document" represents a task. It is an activity to get (= a verb) an approval. Whether the document was eventually approved or rejected is not the main concern here.

This is especially useful for us who just started writing Key Results.


There are few verbs that often used to describe a Key Result. For example, "launch a chat feature" or "release v15 to production environment."

Those verbs are exceptions because the final result of "launch a chat feature" is binary (1 or 0): either the chat feature is launched (1) or not (0).

Contrast it with "get approval from Management ..." that might lead to ambiguity i.e. 3 possibilities. Yes, you might be involve in the activity of getting an approval, but the Management might either approve or reject the document. Or, you were not involved in the activity itself.