OKR Dashboard
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OKR Dashboard

Every OKR that you make has to be written down. So, where should you write it?
OKR Dashboard

OKR Dashboard is a tool where you write down your OKR. This simple artifact is the core reference in building the OKR cadence.

Let's dissect each part of the OKR Dashboard above:

  1. DRI stands for Directly Responsible Individual. This is the person who makes and owns the OKR.
  2. Objective refers to what the DRI wants to achieve in a specific period of time. In this example, it’s a weekly cadence. Thus this is an individual Objective for 1 week. For April 6-10, Andy's Objective is to improve the recruiting process to give the best experience to potential candidates.
  3. The Key Results should always represent outcome. In this case, Andy's Objective is supported by 2 KRs.
  4. Each individual KR must align with at least 1 KR from Team OKR. In other words, Andy is doing KR 1.1 because he thinks that by doing it, he’s helping the Team OKR specifically KR 4.2 This is how we build alignment between individual OKR with team OKR.
  5. Progress this is all about completion. Did you manage to achieve your KR? It’s in percentage. In this case, progress for KR 1.1 is 60% because Andy managed to get 3 out of 5 interviews (= (3/5) x 100%)
  6. Score measures the effort and quality of the actual achievement on that specific cadence. The range for score is 0 to 1 (with .1 increment) or 0 to 10 (with 1 increment). The score for KR 1.1 is 8 because Andy already secured 5 interview dates, but 2 candidates canceled last minute. One interviewee showed high potential. Thus, he felt he had given his best effort and he was satisfied with the quality of the actual outcome.
  7. Self-assessment is meant to explain the reasoning behind the progress and score. When done properly, this is how we identify the lessons learned.

Note: a more detailed explanation for progress, score, and self-assessment can be found here.

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